All EVOKE necklaces, pendants, locks, & links are made of high-quality, low-impact materials. This means a combination of solid 18-karat yellow gold & recycled sterling silver embedded with lab-grown diamonds. Moreover, all materials are ethically sourced & conflict-free.


18-karat yellow gold & 295 sterling silver.

Vermeil (noun)"ver·may".

A sterling silver base is layered with 18-karat gold to create the Vermeil finish (don't worry, there's no brass or copper involved here). It is a composition of high quality, precious metals. Due to its added thickness of 2.5 microns, gold vermeil is much more durable than gold plating. As well as being affordable, it has excellent quality.



Lab-grown diamonds.

Diamond (noun) "dai·muhnd".

The physical, chemical, & optical properties of a lab-grown diamond are identical to those of natural diamonds. All of our diamonds are the same hardness & durability as mined diamonds, except that ours are conflict-free. It's a great combination of high quality & a clear conscience.