Each collection illustrates a set of beliefs or principles. Each principle or belief can be expressed through multiple symbols. Explore our collections below & click on each of the symbols to reveal more about the meaning behind our pieces. 


Thor is the son of Odin & the mighty God of thunder & lightning. He is the protector of all mankind, & foretold to win the battle come Ragnarök. As you journey through life, you will become stronger, more resilient, & protected by these symbols.


Norns - Skuld, Verandi & Urd - are three female beings who create & control fate. They are the most powerful entities in cosmos, capable of altering the course of events. Wearing these symbols will give you the power to understand your past & present, in order to shape your future. 


Mimir is an exceptionally wise being & counsellor to the gods. He lives by a well, which water is said to bring wisdom & clarity. Once beheaded, Odin embalmed & preserved his head, consulting it in times of need. Wear these symbols as guidance to reflect & make wise decisions on your journey.


Baldur, the dreamer, was loved by all living. He was so generous, courageous & cheerful that he actually radiated light. When he was struck by the mistletoe spear, the whole world wept - attempting to bring him back. Bear these symbols as a reminder of your universal love, inner light & dreams.


A creature refers to a life form that is unusual or imaginary. In Norse, the self is comprised of numerous semi-autonomous parts that can detach from one another. These detached parts are often imagined in an animal form that mirrors their underlying characteristics. Wearing these symbols will reinforce your creativity, freedom, & drive to embark on new beginnings.


According to Norse Mythology, the beginning of life was fire & ice. Frost & flames crept toward each other until they met & formed the 9 realms, a world intimately connected to the Nordic spirit & landscape. Within it, we recognise the common human quest to live life in the presence of the transcendent majesty & joy of the sacred.